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We are urgently seeking to re-home our dogs, cats and other animals with families that will love and cherish them.

If you are interested in taking one of our animals please make an appointment to visit us at the sanctuary and give an animal a good home for the rest of its lifetime.

However, the decision to adopt a pet should not be taken lightly, as our aim is to find long term homes for each animal. In other words our animals need to be adopted not fostered. That is not to say animals cannot be returned, however this should only be done if the owner genuinely cannot take care of the animal any longer. So, please do take time to consider if you really do have the time/resources to adopt a pet and give it the home it deserves.

Rehoming a pet from us:

We will ask you to fill out a Home Finder Form and one of our representatives will be in contact with you soon after your booking.

For dogs it is necessary to have a fully secure garden of a suitable size for the dog you wish to choose. One of our representatives will be in contact with you and will visit you for your home check.

Sometimes people, for whatever reason, cannot continue to keep their own pets.  Rather than bringing them to the Sanctuary they are happy to hold onto their pets until someone will come forward to give a home to them.


There are often new pets up for adoption.  Please contact us for details.  You can also find details of pets for adoption in the Wicklow People newspaper most weeks.


Below is just a small selection of the pets available for adoption! If you can't make up your mind, why not come take a look - they'd be happy to see you!


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Adopt a pet:

Name: Duke and Jesse - Breed: Chocolate Labradors - Age: 6 years & 4 years - Sex: Male and Female

Duke and Jesse are bundles of fun who are friendly to everyone they meet, their tails never stop wagging and they are always happy.  We would love for them to get a home together but this might be difficult and may need to be homed separately.  They would make a great addition to any family.   


Adopt a pet:

Name: Ben - Breed: Springer Spaniel - Age: 2 years - Sex: Male

Ben is a really lovely dog, extremely friendly.  He has a timid nature and needs his new owner to build up his confidence.  Come and fall in love with him, he will very easily become your best friend. 

Adopt a pet:

Name: Tyler - Breed: Terrier Mix - Age: 2 years - Sex: Male

Tyler is a lovely little dog who has really come on in leaps and bounds as he was a little bit daunted by his new surroundings when he first arrived.  He is very friendly and gets on great with other dogs.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Tess - Breed: Collie Mix - Age: 5 years - Sex: Female

Tess is a really gentle girl who is full of love to give.  She is a smart girl who loves her walks, she would be a great companion for anyone.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Lana - Breed: Terrier Mix - Age: 2 years - Sex: Female

Lana is such an adorable, sweet girl and could be in contention for the title of Mum of the Year after rearing 10 puppies.  Now that they are independent and weaned she is looking for a forever home herself.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Lana pups - Breed: Terrier Mix - Age: 11 weeks - Sex: Male & Female

Above is a picture the puppies mum Lana and all the puppies are ready for homes of their own.  As you can imagine it's very difficult to take a picture of all 10 pups as they are always on the move!  They are bundles of fun, always exploring and learning. 

Adopt a pet:

Name: Peggy - Breed: Collie Mix - Age: 4 years - Sex: Female


Peggy has a twinkle in her eye, a very loyal and affectionate dog who is really eager to please.


Adopt a pet:

Name: Jaffa - Breed: Mix Breed - Age: 1 year - Sex: Male


Jaffa is full of fun and cheekiness and would be a great addition to any family.  After seeing his brother find a home, Jaffa would love to find himself a forever home too. He is very affectionate, come and meet him and bring him for a walk and see his gentle, happy nature shine through.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Bennett - Breed: Weimaraner/Malamute Mix - Age: 1 year - Sex: Male


Bennett is very lovable and affectionate to everyone he meets.  He is obedient and knows a lot of basic commands. He would love a home with a family, preferably with older children just because of his size. He gets on brilliant with other dogs.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Nellie - Breed: Terrier Mix - Age: 2 years - Sex: Female


Nellie has a lovely character, always checking out what is going on around her.  She adores her walks and get get going quick enough to be off and exploring. 
Adopt a pet:
Name: Lilly - Breed: Lurcher - Age: 1 year - Sex: Female


Lilly is such a quiet girl who will let the other dogs push themselves forward to say hello to visitors before very gently saying hello herself.  Come and find Lilly and take her out for a walk and you will see for yourself her fantastic, gentle nature

Adopt a pet:

Name: Ollie - Breed: Labrador Mix - Age: 3 years - Sex: Male

Ollie is always happy with a really lovely temperament.  He loves his walks but can be strong on the lead so needs a bit of training. 

Adopt a pet:

Name: Peanut - Breed: Spitz/Beagle Mix - Age: 11 months - Sex: Female

Peanut is a happy little girl, full of exuberance and fun.  She would love a home with a family who love games and playing with her.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Pepe - Breed: Pomeranian - Age: 6 years - Sex: Male

Pepe is sweet little dog who will be a great companion, he loves the company of people.  He is an active sort of dog, loves to explore and needs a secure space as can be an escape artist. 

Adopt a pet:

Name: Molly, Charlie and Bailey - Breed: Labrador Mix - Age: 3 months - Sex: Male & Female

Molly was a little camera shy but pictured are her two brothers and all three are looking for a forever home.  They are very quiet and gentle and need their new owners to help continue build their confidence and training.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Rathnew Pups - Breed: Mix Breed - Age: 3 months - Sex: Male & Female

This is just one of 6 puppies in this litter looking for a home.  A few weeks ago they were abandoned in a housing estate in Rathnew, which was seen by a member of the public who contacted us and they were taken into our care.   They were very young and after having a rough start to life, they were put into foster care where they got loads of attention and loving care. They are now back at the Sanctuary and are ready to go to their forever home.


Adopt a pet:

Name: Clem - Breed: Terrier Mix - Age: 3 years - Sex: Male

Clem has a lovely friendly character who will be a great companion.  He is a gentle dog who would love nothing better than to go for walks with you and explore and after curl up beside you in front of the fire.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Rex - Breed: Collie - Age: 3 years - Sex: Male

Rex has a fabulous personality.  From the first time you meet him you realise that this chap would be your loyal, faithful, best friend for life.  He loves his exercise and will need mental stimulation. He gets on well with other dogs and he adores human companionship.


Below are just some of the lovely playful kittens and cats looking for new homes. We are completely inundated with gorgeous, adorable cats and kittens.  If you are looking for a feline companion come and see them, we can guarantee that you will find a forever friend that will melt your heart.


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 Adopt a pet:

Name: Charlene - Age: 1 year - Sex: Female

Charlene and below her sister Joesphine are like peas in a pod.  They are both sleek and elegant and are very friendly. 

 Adopt a pet:

Name: Josephine - Age: 1 year - Sex: Female


Josephine is a sister to Charlene above, they are both full of fun and inquisitive.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Marvin - Age: 2 years - Sex: Male


Marvin is a very energetic and lively ginger and white cat. He is extremely playful, loves to dart about and play with his toys. When he eventually gets tired he loves nothing better than to stretch out and have a sleep in the sunshine or his cosy bed.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Phoebe - Age: 6 years ++ - Sex: Female


Phoebe is an older lady in our cattery, a gentle girl, she loves nothing better than to dose the afternoon away in her cosy bed or better yet on your knee

Adopt a pet:

Name: Zeitel - Age: 2 years - Sex: Female


Zeitel loves to play and loves her toys, she is a quiet little thing looking for a forever home


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