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Adopt a Pet:

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We are urgently seeking to re-home our dogs, cats and other animals with families that will love and cherish them.

If you are interested in taking one of our animals please make an appointment to visit us at the sanctuary and give an animal a good home for the rest of its lifetime.

However, the decision to adopt a pet should not be taken lightly, as our aim is to find long term homes for each animal. In other words our animals need to be adopted not fostered. That is not to say animals cannot be returned, however this should only be done if the owner genuinely cannot take care of the animal any longer. So, please do take time to consider if you really do have the time/resources to adopt a pet and give it the home it deserves.

Rehoming a pet from us:

We will ask you to fill out a Home Finder Form and one of our representatives will be in contact with you soon after your booking.

For dogs it is necessary to have a fully secure garden of a suitable size for the dog you wish to choose. One of our representatives will be in contact with you and will visit you for your home check.

Sometimes people, for whatever reason, cannot continue to keep their own pets.  Rather than bringing them to the Sanctuary they are happy to hold onto their pets until someone will come forward to give a home to them.


There are often new pets up for adoption.  Please contact us for details.  You can also find details of pets for adoption in the Wicklow People newspaper most weeks.


Below is just a small selection of the pets available for adoption! If you can't make up your mind, why not come take a look - they'd be happy to see you!


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Adopt a pet:

Name: Shadow - Breed: Doberman - Age: 4 years - Sex: Female

Shadow is a very gentle dog with a lovely nature, very playful and friendly.  Shadow loves all the comforts of a home and loves nothing more after a long walk than to curl up beside you on the sofa.  She would love a home with owners who have had a large breed dog or have had a Doberman before.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Lucky - Breed: Terrier Mix - Age: 2 years - Sex: Male

Lucky is a very happy chap who is always wagging his tail and looking for people to come over and say hello. He loves playing with other dogs and is straight over to have fun. He is active and lively, loves his walks and having a run around in Pamela's Park.


Adopt a pet:

Name: Benny - Breed:  JRT Mix - Age: 2 years - Sex: Male

Benny is a a very handsome chap and loves being with you out and about exploring on walks, he has a really brilliant nature

Adopt a pet:

Name: Bosco - Breed: Lurcher - Age: 1 year - Sex: Male

Bosco is such a friendly fellow, he come over and lean against your legs looking for pets and rubs, he has a wonderful personality and would be a great addition to any home

Adopt a pet:

Name: Maverick - Breed: Yorkie Mix - Age: 3 years - Sex: Male

When Maverick first came into us he was a bit shy and it took a little time for him to settle in. Now he is more outgoing and a happy little chap. He gets on well with other dogs and has a calm, easy going nature. He would love a quiet home and would be a great companion.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Toby - Breed: Jack Russell - Age: 4 years - Sex: Male 

Toby is a brilliant fellow with a very friendly temperament.  He loves being with you and will give you the paw to say hello

Adopt a pet:

Name: Jacko - Breed: Jack Russell Mix - Age: 2 years - Sex: Male

Jacko is such a dainty little fellow who has an outgoing and playful nature, he gets on great with other dogs.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Polly - Breed: Jack Russell - Age: 6 years - Sex: Female

Polly is curious about everything and loves to investigate and explore when out on walks.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Sadie - Breed:  Pom Mix - Age: 7 years - Sex: Female

Sadie is so affectionate and loves having cuddles and giving licks.  She loves going for walks and being with you.  She would want a home where there are no cats.



Adopt a pet:

Name: Ollie  - Breed:  Labrador Mix - Age: 4 years - Sex: Male

Ollie is full of fun and loves the company of people.  He would love a home with children who will play with him

Adopt a pet:

Name: Primrose and Cowslip  - Breed:  Collie Mix - Age: 3 years - Sex: Female

Primrose and Cowslip are best of friends and share everything even their bed.  They are very affectionate towards each other and with people, always licking your hand and looking for more pets. 

Adopt a pet:

Name: Tiger  - Breed:  Jack Russell Mix - Age: 1 year - Sex: Male

Tiger is an inquisitive dog who loves to explore and take in all the smells and sights on his walks.


Below are just some of the lovely playful kittens and cats looking for new homes. We are completely inundated with gorgeous, adorable cats and kittens.  If you are looking for a feline companion come and see them, we can guarantee that you will find a forever friend that will melt your heart.


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Adopt a pet:

Name: Catherine - Age: 3 years - Sex: Female

Catherine is extremely affectionate and always looking for pets.

Adopt a pet:

Name: Daisy - Age: 2 years - Sex: Female

Daisy gets on brilliant with other cats, her best friend is Maisie

Adopt a pet:

Name: Maisie - Age: 2 years  - Sex: Female

Maisie loves her pets and gets on great with other cats, her best friend is Daisy

Adopt a pet:

Name: Piper - Age: 2 years  - Sex: Male

Piper is such a friendly chap, loves being brushed and made a fuss of

Adopt a pet:

Name: Kittens - Age: 8 weeks +  - Sex: Male and Female

Please contact the office to find out what playful kittens we have at the moment looking for a home (the ones pictured may not be the ones available)









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