Animal blessing & Dog Walk to Kilmacurragh Botanical Gardens

//Animal blessing & Dog Walk to Kilmacurragh Botanical Gardens
We hope many of you will join us on the 7th of October at 2 PM for our Annual Blessing of the Animals and a walk from the WSPCA Shelter to Killmacuragh Botanical Gardens and back.
Bring your own dogs for a fun day out or volunteer to walk one of our shelter dogs!
We are hoping to offer all the shelter dogs a happy fun day with a relaxing walk to the Kilmacurragh Botanical Gardens and back and lots of love and attention from all of you who can join us on the day.
After the walk, we will be providing coffee, tea, and refreshments back at the shelter and we invite you to hang out for a while, play with our animals or enjoy the dog park with your own pets.
***We need volunteers to take a dog and mind them during the walk (please attend to the Volunteers Induction the previous day for a safe and healthy brief).***
We are hoping to make lots of new friends, so join us or support us by sharing this event!