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Misty - 1 year - Female - JR X Misty is a lively young dog who loves to play. She enjoys going off for walks and getting attention from human and canine friends.

Misty 2019-04-24T11:22:29+00:00



Jasper - 3 years - Male - Terrier X Jasper is a gorgeous friendly male who loves spending time with people. He is a gentle dog who would be a perfect companion animal for anyone looking for a four legged friend.

Jasper 2019-04-24T11:22:47+00:00

Eiley – Chosen


  Eiley - 3 years - Female - Cairn Terrier X Eiley is a beautiful girl with a playful nature. Showing off is her specialty and she loves adventuring and watching everything that's going on around her

Eiley – Chosen 2019-04-24T08:58:37+00:00

Pepper – Chosen


  Pepper - 2 years - Male - Terrier X   Pepper is a lovely energetic dog with puppy like mannerisms. He seeks human attention and loves toys

Pepper – Chosen 2019-04-25T11:52:52+00:00

Evie – Chosen


  Evie - 2 years - Female - Shih Tzu X   Evie is a loving dog who gets on well with other dogs and loves human company.  She is very affectionate and has all the time in the world for people

Evie – Chosen 2019-04-24T08:58:48+00:00

Ollie – Chosen


  Ollie - 6 years - Male - Labrador   Ollie is a gentle soul who would love a loving home. He has a quiet nature but loves rubs and cuddles

Ollie – Chosen 2019-04-25T13:41:22+00:00



  Alfie - Male - 4 years - Terrier X Alfie is a loving boy who is a bit nervous to begin with. After introducing yourself to him he will give you nothing but love and affection. He loves play time and his ball.

Alfie 2019-04-19T09:58:32+00:00



  Wendy - 2 years - Female - Terrier X   Wendy is a lovely dainty girl who gets on well with other dogs. She loves attention and getting all the love that humans have to offer. She would make a great addition to any family looking for a four legged friend

Wendy 2019-04-12T12:49:28+00:00



  Susie - 9 years - Female   Susie is an older cat who is set in her ways. She loves human attention and getting rubs and cuddles. An older girls who loves to take comfort in enclosed spaces or on the lap of those paying attention to her. She would be best suited to a home where she will receive all the attention she deserves

Susie 2019-04-13T15:27:57+00:00



  Fidel - 2 years - Male   Fidel is a cat that loves attention and getting rewards! He will either be seeking rubs or asleep in his bed. He loves finding new toys to play with especially if the toy includes human interaction

Fidel 2019-04-17T10:56:43+00:00