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Cat Tips:

As you get to know your cat it will become easy to tell when it is feeling well and when it is not. Particular things to pay attention to are:

  •  The Coat - which should not be dull
  •  Sleepiness/Refusal to Play
  •  Normal Eating pattern/habits
  •  Playful behaviour is normal


When kittens suck the mother cat's milk for the first time they receive some immunity from disease for the first few weeks of life. After that it will be necessary to vaccinate against such diseases as Cat Flu, Feline Infectious Enteritis and Leukaemia. When your new kitten has settled in with you it is best to take it to your vet to discuss vaccinations along with a worming programme.

The Language of the Cat
Purring sounds generally mean happiness and contentment. Specific call sounds can indicate the need for food or to go outside. Cats will rub themselves against your legs when they are confident and secure with you. Frightened cats will hiss or spit at enemies! Accompanied by an arched back and bushy tail.

Looking after your new kitten
Kittens need special feeding in order to grow healthy and strong and have lots of energy to play! There are various brands of kitten food available and manufacturers guides should be followed.

Kittens have a very small stomach which means you only feed small amounts at regular intervals. To start with - try giving four or five small meals a day and reduce it to two meals by the time the kitten is six months old. If you have other cats you should feed these separately and always feed cats separately from dogs.