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Wicklow SPCA

Inspectors Report


T.J is a member of staff and has worked as our Inspector for the last 8 years. He is qualfied in Animal Welfare and Equine Science.

T.J has over 17 years experience working with animals. He works closely the local Gardai and Department of Agriculture on issues of Animal neglect/cruelty throughout Count Wicklow.

Unsuitable shelter

Shelter Unsuitable shelter

A concerned member of the public had concerns that a dog had poor shelter.

Our Inspector worked with the owner and a new kennel was purchased and gates erected on an exercise area.

Donkey Hooves

Donkey Hooves Donkey Hooves

Following a call from the Inspector, two donkeys were brought into shelter and the farrier was called who tended to their hooves.

Skin Condition

Dog with bad skin condition

An old lab was brought into our centre with what appeared as a skin condition. The dog was chipped and the owner came forward and brought the dog straight to the vet. The dog made a full recovery

Injured Bird of Prey

Bird of Prey

Our Inspector collected this injured bird and through liaison with the NPWS the bird was seen by a vet and returned to its natural surroundings.

Old Pom

Old Pom Constipated Pom

An older dog was suffering for constipation and a special veterinary diet was prescribed which suited the age and condition of the dog.

Abandoned Horse in Glenmalure

Abandoned Horse Abandoned Horse

A forestry worker contact the office to report a dumped horse in Glenmalure woods. With the support from a local farmer we were able to transport the horse to our shelter where it received veterinary care and made a full recovery.

Wounded Cat

Wounded Cat

Our Inspector responded to call where a cat has been hit by traffic and was lying on the side of the road. The poor cat was found to have a shattered spine and was humanely PTS.

Rehomed Cat

Cat Absyss Ginger Cat

A big ginger cat was surrendered to us with what later discovered as an abscess. The tooth was removed and the cat was rehomed.


Pigs Pigs

Numerous pigs were found to be living in terrible filth.

Working alongside Dept official the farmer was instructed to move the animal to a new site.

Black Castle

Dog Blackcastle Wicklow

Found dog at the black castle in wicklow town. The owner was contacted and reunited with his dog.

Collie X

Collie X Collie X

A Collie X spaniel with an uncared for coat was admitted and its coat had to be shore off due to the amount of knots and dirt. The dog was successfully rehomed.

Two Labs

Labradors squalor Labradors Squalor

Two labs were found to be living in a site full of rubbish and rubble. While the dogs themselves were in good body condition the living quarters must also not be hazardous have the potential to cause injury/hurt to the animals. The owner worked with the Inspector and the unit was cleaned up.

Old Collie

Old Colie Old Collie

An old collie was found to have numerous illness which were not care for. The owner was instructed to be the dog to the vet and a full examination carried out.

Elderly Pony

Old Pony Old Pony

An elderly pony was found to be carrying very little weight and malnourished.

The owner called the vet to the site and the pony was treated.