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New Dog Isolation Unit

In 2010 site development plans for major improvements were drafted. The 1st stage was to improve facilities for the cats. This stage is now complete and the new unit is fully operational. It caters for up to 100 cats, with 37 independent kitten isolation units and 4 mother and kitten units.

Stage 2 has now been approved. This involves an upgrade of our Dog Isolation facilities, incorporating 7 independent dog units. The building will also include a veterinary operation/treatment room, dog grooming/shower area and store. Tenders were invited and construction commenced on July 1st.

On completion this unit will reduce the risk of disease/illness spreading amongst the animals. The new unit will give us a chance to isolate any dog coming in, assess its condition and treat it before in joins the other animals at the sanctuary- lowering the risk of spreading any illness.

The whole project will cost €40,000. Our Trustees have put in €20,000 raised over the last few years from Fundraisers/Bequest and Donations- so we do need your help once again to raise the next €20,000. We cannot thank you enough for your generous support over the few years and its good for all to see that your donations go to great lenghts to help maintain the health and care of the Animals here at the sanctuary. Over the coming months we will be holding various fundraising events to help raise money for this cause. You can keep track of this on our website (there is a list of links to the right) and also on our Facebook. You can also donate by clicking onto our iDonate page.

Thank you once again for all your help and support. If you would like to help out or have any Fundraising Ideas, please contact the office on 0404 44783 or email us by clicking here:    Fundraising Dog Unit

Plans for New Dog Isolation Unit

Impact of Snow

These are images of the pens that will be replaced by the new Dog Isolation Unit. The pens will not be lost as the new unit will have the same number of pens inside. Here are a few images of the said pens during the heavy snow of January and December 2010. Another example of why the new unit will be of great benefit to our animals.

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