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This is the page where you tell us how your pet is getting on after being adopted from Sharpeshill! Send us photos, news and stories of how the pets you have homed are getting on.

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Toby rehomed from Wicklow SPCA

We got Mimzy in 2012. She was found in a ditch with no mother. She was a ball of fluff when I first saw her you could hardly see her eyes. We just had to get her. The next day we persuaded my day and got her.

We have 5 other cats and a dog. She is the goddess of the house. She is very sneaky and rubs her self against are dog. Nobody can question her. She doesn't like be poked and only likes my granny. When my granny comes to stay she goes under her covers and sleeps with her. She has settled in well.


Toby rehomed from Wicklow SPCA

Just to update you on Toby since his move to Dublin! He's been with us a year now and is well settled in (as you can see from the photos!).

He's a gas character - I think there's saluki in there too - has selective deafness when it suits him, especially if he spies a cat/squirrel/fox! Loves the chase but also his snooze time, when he finds the most comfortable spot going. But he's a lovable rogue and wouldn't be without him.

Many thanks again.
Niamh Fitzgerald


Solmon rehomed from Wicklow SPCA

Having adopted Henry in March we decided to bring home Solomon (previously named Sure) in April. They get on so well together and we love them both so much- Solomon is so funny, here's some pictures!

Thank you for the work you do,



Arthur Christmas Card Entrant Wicklow SPCA

I said I ideally wanted an adult, female cat, but then I made friends with a male kitten named Raj who was so friendly he stuck his paw through the locked gate to try to get to me.

The minute I picked him up he was purring and giving his very best first impression and that was it, decision made. You can imagine my surprise when I brought him to the vets to get him microchipped and I was told that "Raj" was in fact a female!

Raj has now been renamed,and goes by the name of Calamity. The name suits her as she really can be quite a Calamity Jane!

Adventures such as turning on the bathroom taps whilst also plugging the sinkhole with toilet paper at 4 am are typical of her but its all worth it to watch her playing with her toys, and hanging out in the garden she calls home.

After my last cat died I didn't think I'd ever find a cat who was so affectionate again but Calamity is that cat. She's made me very happy and I'm thrilled to have her :)


Sadie adopted from Wicklow SPCA


My name is Ríona, I'm 8 years old. I adopted Sadie 3 months ago. She is best friends now with my other dog Kofi. They play together all the time. I am really glad that I have Sadie.

Thank You

Ríona Aivalikli


Pippa rehomed form  Wicklow SPCA

Hi guys

Here's a pic of Pippa (aka Woof-Woof/The Woofinator) who we got from your animal shelter a few years ago.

As you can see she receives a lot of love from the family!



Burt Rehomed from  Wicklow SPCA

Hi there

I thought you all might like a couple of photos I took on Saturday of one of your success stories - he's getting nuttier by the day!



Henry Rehomed from the  Wicklow SPCA

Mum and me took Henry home last week. It took a few days of coaxing but he has settled in and absolutely loves being petted which we didn't expect at first because he was so shy.

Thank you for all the good work!


Rosie rehomed from the  Wicklow SPCA

Hi all, as Rosie is hitting the six month mark in her new home I thought I would drop a line to update you, she has settled in really really well, picture is of her konked out after a nice walk!

She is in great condition and is a very happy dog, loves to play, she is funny and cheeky, loves the garden, her ball and the end of the bed !! She is fully house trained now, it didnt take very long at all.

She gets on very well with my existing dog and she is a terrific dog to have, I wouldnt be without her ! I must try and get up with her for the next open day.


DJ Christmas Card Entrant Wicklow SPCA

Hi there

We met Ernie, a 1 year old Black Lab/Jack Russell cross, at Sharpeshill in October 2007, whilst searching for a friend for our rescued greyhound. It was love at first sight! He was so shy at first, seeing him smile for the first time was fantastic. Now called Juno, he is brother and best buddy to our two other rescue dogs. He is so quiet and fond of cuddles, we have fondly nicknamed him "The Cat".

The happiness and love Juno has brought into our lives is immeasurable - thank you again for all of the incredible work you do with the animals!! You are amazing and an inspiration to all.


Harry Christmas Card Entrant Wicklow SPCA

Here is Breeva, enjoying a snooze after our first outing to the beach.

She is getting on great with the cats and had no problems with the house training! She loves nothing more than to lie on the bed and snooze, she's so lazy and very cuddly!

Thanks so much WSPCA for giving me my new fur lady, she is a dote and will be very happy here:)


Dempsey rehomed from Wicklow SPCA

I was 2 when I came to my new home from Sharpshill.

Now I am 15 and happy!



Zooki Dog rehomed from Wicklow SPCA

Zooki was adopted in 2009 and has since become a regular at the Open Days, whether she is helping out with the Egg & Spoon race at Easter, dressed as a reindeer and starring in a show at Christmas, entering the summer dog show, or shopping for squeaky toys in the gift shop!

Zooki was quite nervous and unsure to start but now she is a confident, cheeky little dog who loves her toys (especially if they squeak!) and we couldn't imagine life without her!

Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny Car rehomed from Wicklow SPCA

Honey Bunny (usually just "Bunny") is Mommy's little girl and the sweetest little darling, adopted in 2008.

She loves nothing more than a snuggle and is always the first to let us know when we are late with dinner or breakfast. She is content to be held and cuddled, especially underneath the blanket.

While at Sharpeshill, she was brought in with kittens that were quickly homed, but when it was her turn, she was overlooked time and time again. This turned out to be our gain!


Harry Rescued form the Wicklow SPCA

We got Harry from Wicklow Spca Sharpeshill in October 2009.

Here are some pictures of him just after he arrived home & of him now...


Junior cat rehomed form the  Wicklow SPCA

Junior formerly known as Stan!

With us 5 yrs now and very much orders all of us about!.


Dennis Cat Rehomed from Wicklow SPCA Wicklow SPCA

This is Dennis.

He was a little fellow when I got him from Sharpshill 8 years ago. Now he's the boss off the house and my best friend.


Molly rehomed from Wicklow SPCA

Just emailing you regarding our labradoodle, Molly, who came from Sharpeshill in March 2012 to live with us.

My son Michael was terrified of dogs before Molly Doodles (formerly Dolly) came to live with us a year ago. As you can see from the photo Molly is a very much loved part of our family. Her playful personality and gentle temperament helped Michael get over his fear of dogs and now they are firm friends. We wouldn't want to be without her! :)

A big thanks to Sharpeshill!


Missy rehomed from Wicklow SPCA

This is Missy. We adopted her nearly 12 years ago and she is fantastic.

We lived in Rathdrum at the time but we are now in Wexford. Missy is the most gentle dog and is great with our 3 children. She is a really relaxed dog and loves to snooze as much as she can. However that’s not always possible, especially now since we adopted another pup here in Wexford before Christmas.

It’s lovely to see the dogs being rehomed. Keep up the fantastic work you all do.

Sam & Apache

Sam and Apache rehomed from Wicklow SPCA

Hello sending you news on Sam and Apache who we were lucky enough to rehome.

They have become best pals with each other and our jack russell Socki. Although Sam is used as a pillow a lot of the time by Socki.

They love going for their walks and playing chase with each other. Sam loves his sheet which seems to have become a baby blanket. Apache is still a bit nervous of strangers but has come a long wait since we first got him. They love to spend the evening lying by the radiator or on the sofa. They are in a good home.

Thank you for giving us the joy of their quirky and funny ways into our lives.


Kitty rehomed from Wicklow SPCA Entrant Wicklow SPCA

This is Kitty I got him 5 and half years ago. His name was Holmes and he was in there with his brothers Sherlock and Watson.

He has been the happiest most spoiled cat I have ever met! When he was a kitten he used to think he was a dog and played fetch so we called him cat-dog.

He has been the happiest most spoiled cat I have ever met! When he was a kitten he used to think he was a dog and played fetch so we called him cat-dog. As you can see in the photo he is asleep and that's pretty much all he does, it’s his favorite thing to do. I have had 5 happy years with him and can't wait to spend many more with him :)


Minnie rehomed from Wicklow SPCA

To all my mates at Sharpeshill a note to let you know I'm settling well into my new home in North County Dublin and am enjoying the walks and runs on the nearby beaches and woods.

Skerries is a great spot for a stroll on the prom and Bettystown has a long golden beach where the salt water is great to jump about in!

I also love nothing more than bouncing off the ground to catch my favourite green baton, playing some tug after which I need a bit of a rest and I like to get my tummy rubbed down. Yes life ain't bad here on the Northern Riveria and my tan is coming along nicely!!

Minnie ;-)


Lucy rehomed from Wicklow SPCA

This is Lucy a red setter/ Springer cross. She was Lollipop when I had her from you guys 3 Halloweens ago.

She now has a sister Toffee in the picture and they are inseparable an both dote on my son Taidgh. She’s a great Mammy 2 as we foster puppies for the NWSPCA :)

One big happy family :)


Rua rehomed from Wicklow SPCA

Rua our wee nutte came to live with us over 2 years ago, since her arrival she has settled into our home and has formed an amazing bond with our other dog Pedro who we had got a year prior from the pound. The two of them are such good buddies and love nothing more than playing together and legging it around our local forest on walks.

She really does have her own little ways and needs lots of attention but she has found the right home for that & we love her just the way she is. She is just so full of life and is the cutest most gentle dog you could meet.

Its crazy the amount of dogs that need good homes and I would always urge friends and family not to buy dogs but instead get them from the many rescue centres and pounds across the country as there are so so many beautiful dogs in need.


Nemo rehomed from Wicklow SPCA

3 years ago I adopted Nemo (formerly Orion) from the Wicklow SPCA. He originally arrived at my door one night with a broken leg. I took him in for the night, but put him back out on the road the next day, as I thought he might belong to somebody?

Within a short while, a neighbour on my road, brought him down to the WSPCA. I rang up the next day, to enquire if he was still there. Luckily he was still alive......minus his broken leg. I adopted Nemo a week later once he recovered.

He is quite an active cat.....even with 3 legs. He defends himself very well outdoors, against other cats. He has no problem running up a 6 foot wall. He loves chasing birds in the garden & has only ever managed to catch one mouse (that I've seen), as I suppose it's harder for him to trap a mouse with only one front leg.


Jinx rehomed from Wicklow SPCA

Jinx came into the WSPCA as a severe cruelty case. She was very thin with mange. As soon as I saw Jinx I knew she was the dog for me, however she was still in no fit condition to be rehomed.

I regularly returned to the WSPCA sancutary to check up on Jinx's condition and after 3 months of great care and attention by the staff, Jinx was fit to be rehomed.

Jinx has been with us now at home for the last 5 years. She settled in very well and has made herself at home- where she is beyond doubt, Daddy's Little Princess.