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Horse Tips:

General Care of Horses & Ponies


  •  Well fenced paddock or field
  •  Food and fresh water
  •  Shelter
  •  Hoof Care
  •  Veterinary care - Annual vaccinations: Flu and Tetanus

In order to keep a Horse, Pony or Donkey you must have adequate space to keep it. You should have a field in which it can graze and this must be well fenced without the use of barbed wire. There must be fresh clean water available at all times from either a stream or a water feeder.

In winter time it will be necessary to feed hay as there will not be sufficient grass and the animal may need some concentrate food also if it is being worked.

In addition it is necessary to look after your horse, pony or donkey's hooves. The blacksmith (farrier) will need to visit every six-eight weeks if the animal is shod and every 8-10 weeks if not. If you do not look after your pony/horses hooves they will become overgrown and broken and the animal may become lame.

Horses, ponies and donkeys need shelter. Good natural shelter should be erected. This will provide shelter from the winter weather and also shade in the hot summer months.

You should remove droppings from the paddock often to keep it clean and reduce the risk of worm infestation.


It will be necessary to worm at least 3 times per year. Use a recommended brand and if possible stable the animal for 24 hours to help keep the pasture clean.

Keep your Pasture free from Ragweed which is highly dangerous to Horses, Ponies & Donkeys.