Ever want to do some fundraising with a bit of a difference? Ever thought about jumping out of a plane?

Skydive Ireland have kindly selected us to be one of their sponsored charities. Its a great way to raise money , have some fun and face any fears all in one go!

For more information see:

Skydive for Wicklow SPCA

If you would like to help us out on any flag day, coffee morning or discuss legacy donations; please feel free to contact us.

If you have any other ideas on how to help or fundraise for us, send us in an email.

Wicklow SPCA

About Wicklow SPCA:

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County Wicklow Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals runs the Sharpeshill Animal Sanctuary which is home to many unwanted animals. The centre is among the largest in Ireland and is mainly a facility for the rehabilitation and re-homing of animals including horses, goats, donkeys, cats, and dogs.

Sharpeshill Animal Sanctuary was formed as a result of a large bequest from Reginald Sharpe in 1990. Mr. Sharpe donated the money to the Wicklow Society because of a stray three-legged terrier who wandered into Reginald's home in Greystones.  Mr. Sharpe received such joy and affection from his three legged friend that he bequeathed his entire estate to the welfare and protection of animals in Wicklow.

As a reminder of his generosity and of the three-legged dog (who has saved so many animals in Wicklow), a weathervane of the terrier resides over the administration building at Sharpeshill. Many of the calls to the Sanctuary are concerns from people about the animals around them and we are very grateful and eager to help. The basic requirements that the Wicklow S.P.C.A. ask for animals to be provided with are

  • 1. Food
  • 2. Fresh Water
  • 3. Shelter

If you feel that a problem exists where the above basic provisions are not being provided then please do get in contact with us.  After receiving your call, details are passed on to one of our representatives who will get in contact with you for any further details needed. They will investigate the problem and will report back to you.

This is a totally confidential service and personal details are never given out to anyone. To find out more about what the I.S.P.C.A. and national S.P.C.A.'s (like us) do you can click here for the I.S.P.C.A. Legal Handbook.

You can view our consitution here: Wicklow SPCA Constitution.