As we begin the month of September we would like to give you a little update on the progress on our new dog kennels. We are on second fittings at this stage with the structural work completed. Our new unit includes 20 kennels , reception area and storage. Each kennel contains an indoor heated area and an attached exercise space. We are expecting delivery of the new raised beds shortly. Water, electricity and waste treatments are in place. The reception and store rooms are dry lined  and the exercise yard is fenced but there remains a little work to be completed yet.

Covid 19 has put a halt to our on site fundraising for 2020 and possibly even into 2021. We would greatly appreciate if you can help in any small way to help us raise 40,000 to finish the new development.

Areas to be completed include

Blockwork and dog agility equipment for the 8 external exercise area

Reception desk, tiling and painting of reception and seating

Store room – shelving, tiling and painting

Landscaping and outdoor seating

We aim to have our dog living in the “HILTON” before the long harsh Winter is upon us.

Thank you for your continued support