Many of you will have meet and heard our donkeys on your visits to the dog park, well we have news…some of them are heading off to new homes once the lockdown restrictions are lifted and all the required legislation is in place .

These include

  1. Control of horsesIf you keep the horse in a control area designated under the Control of Horses Act 1996, ( you must have a horse license for it as well as the microchip and passport.

    You are liable for any injury or damage caused by your horse to other people or to property.

  3. It is a legal requirement under the Control on Places where Horses are kept Regulations (SI 113 of 2014) that all premises where equine are kept must be registered with the Department of Agriculture. Accordingly, you should ensure that your equine is being kept on a registered premise. If your holding is not already registered as an Equine Premises, you should apply immediately to DAFM for an Equine Premises Number.

If  you require  assistance with any of the above regulations please give the office a call and we can walk you through the process