We would like to share with you some of our ongoing work. These 4 dogs come to us from a puppy farm. They are in fear of everyone and the slightest movement sends them into corners.  Limited eye contact and staring at the walls is part of their way of coping. We will do our very best for these to bring some reassurance, safety and joy into their lives and it would be great if our supporters could financially assist in any small way.
We will update everyone on there progress . Unfortunately we cannot take expressions of interest  or offers of homes for any of these dogs at the moment.

We recently admitted a large number of dogs which were rescued from a puppy farm situation. The dogs are in their own lockdown. Every movement sends them running into corners , staring into space and seeking a hiding place. We will work with our experts and do our very best to bring security, safety and joy back into their lives. Unfortunately we cannot take any expressions of interest of homes for these dogs at the moment but would great appreciate it if you could contribute financially to their care . Every euro helps and we will keep you all updated on their progress.