ISPCA Wicklow

Saving animals, serving our community.

For over a century, the ISPCA Wicklow has promoted the responsible custody of animals. They have prevented their cruelty, rehabilitated and re-homed countless numbers to better lives.

Over this time, the society has also become an intrinsic part of the Wicklow community. It has become a focal point for social good through volunteering, education, employment, fundraising and the promotion of rural sustainability.

The society runs the Sharpeshill Animal Sanctuary, one of Ireland’s largest homes to unwanted animals, including dogs, cats, horses, donkeys and goats. The society is a not-for-profit charity, primarily financed by the enormous efforts and generosity of the people of Wicklow.

Principally, the objectives of the ISPCA Wicklow are to promote kindness and prevent cruelty to animals. To educate and foster knowledge of the psychology and care of animals among the public.

It achieves these objectives through animal welfare processes, such as sheltering, feeding and treating abandoned animals. It uses proactive animal management services, such as micro-chipping, spaying and neutering.

The local community is an integral part of the care and rehabilitation of these animals, through volunteering, fostering and adoption programmes.

The society has become a focal point for local social engagement, running many events throughout the year, such as open days, talent competitions, dog shows, markets, educational events, courses, teambuilding and corporate outings and accommodating special needs and rehabilitation-programme visitors.