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Tober - Terrier x- Male - 2 years Our Tober is a solid lad and full of the beans of life 981020002002323


Molly – Chosen


Molly - Staffie x - 2 years - Female As you can see Molly wears a smile.. soooo happy and never wants you to leave her alone. 981020002002400

Molly – Chosen2021-09-15T08:18:06+00:00

Benjy – Chosen & Tuppence – Available


Benjy - Bichon 972274000201838   - Male - 6 years He is a little in shock as he lives in a home and is finding the kennel life a little stressful so we introduced him to Tuppence - Chihuahua - 6 years - female..she is a diva and takes control of everyone and everything. Benjy is only too happy to let Tuppence have her way and the two are now best buddies

Benjy – Chosen & Tuppence – Available2021-09-16T10:30:41+00:00

Simba – Available


Simba - Husky - 7 years - Male Simba is very friendly and likes to play games when its bedtime. Will do his best to hide around the corner and keeps moving about to prevent you putting on his lead. 968000010261889

Simba – Available2021-09-16T11:59:25+00:00

Morgan – Chosen


Morgan - Terrier x - 2 years- Male Morgan is full of beans and will sit at any gate...waiting for his escape. Active lad that would suit an outdoor type family. 981020002002307

Morgan – Chosen2021-09-03T12:08:19+00:00

Sky & Lola – Available


  Sky & Lola - Terrier x- 6 yrs and 4 years - Females Sky & Lola are mother and daughter and two "take me home please" dogs. They demand that you sit with them and pop straight up onto your lap. The daughter has a slight advantage here as she moves just a little faster than her mum. 981020002002302 981020002002350

Sky & Lola – Available2021-09-02T13:31:46+00:00

Cookie – Chosen


  Cookie - Collie x- 2 years- Female This girl is full of love. She has no idea how to walk on a lead . Very clever girl and willing to learn 981020002002321

Cookie – Chosen2021-09-12T11:10:36+00:00

Nala – Chosen


Nala- German shepherd x- 6 years - Female Nala is a bigger girl and is out of sorts in our kennels. Easy to walk and loves attention. 9810200002002317

Nala – Chosen2021-09-12T11:30:02+00:00