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Riley is a 3 year old female Jack Russell x. She is extremely friendly and can't wait to meet you


New legislation and Code of Practice for Sellers or Suppliers of Pet Animals


The legislation requires any person who sells or supplies more than 5 pet animals in a calendar year to register with DAFM. It also requires sellers or suppliers of pet animals (including Dog Breeding Establishments registered with local authorities) to include their registration number on any advertisement (including on-line advertisements), the age of the animal, the country of origin of the animal and, in the case of dogs, to provide the unique microchip number. This legislation will significantly improve the welfare of pet animals being offered for sale or supply by providing full traceability and accountability.

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Rover - Terrier x- 3 years - Male Rover is a terrier with attitude . Likes to be top dog and chance his arm when possible




Aiden - Greyhound x- 2 years - Male Aiden is a big boy with a gentle heart. Can run as fast as a hare and loves to snooze for the most of the day


Minister issues warning to dog owners over attacks on sheep


  Dog owners have been warned that terrible dog attacks on sheep over the last number of years are unacceptable and that they will be held liable for the costs. Seán Canney TD, the Minister of State with responsibility for Dog Control has highlighted the responsibility of dog owners and the vulnerability of sheep to dog attacks, particularly during lambing season. Dog attacks cause real and serious injury to sheep and have a very negative impact, both financially and emotionally, on the farmers involved and their families. Even quiet, docile dogs can turn into killers, especially if they join other dogs. [...]

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Brock - Foxhound x- 3 Years- Female Brock is girl for pulling face and giving you sad eyes. She is a large dog with a box of tricks. Gives the paw and sits on command


Educational talk and tour


Students from Avondale Community College will be joining us next Wednesday 15th January for an educational talk and tour. Other schools and colleges interested in visiting us please phone the office to book a date. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Advisory Clinic – Wednesday 22nd January


    Wicklow SPCA will be running four advisory clinics throughout the year. Staff from Avondale Veterinary Clinic will be joining us to share their considerable depth of knowledge. Our first clinic will be on Wed evening the 22nd Jan from 7pm until 8pm. Staff from Avondale Vets will speak on the benefits of neutering your pets, vaccinations, general care and other good animal welfare practices. This will be followed by a questions and answers session and of course a cuppa & biscuit. We propose to host our second clinic in April/ May and deal with legal requirements for pet owners. [...]

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Carly - Greyhound x- 3 years- Female Our Carly is a bit of  lonely and has the most sorrowful eyes that demand your attention. She likes company and will lie beside you for snuggles.