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Ollie – Available


Ollie - Spaniel Mix - Male - 1 year Ollie is a very friendly fellow and enthusiastic and excitable about life.  He would need an experienced owner who can help him calm down when he is most excited and to guide his energy. He is very willing to learn and would be a great companion 981020000634226 Ireland  

Ollie – Available2022-05-26T13:53:04+00:00

Mark – Available


Mark - Male - Lurcher - 3 months Mark is a friendly, playful puppy full fun and games.  He gets on well with other dogs and is so affectionate with people. Mark would be a great addition to any family 981020002398404 Ireland

Mark – Available2022-05-26T12:31:38+00:00

Tim – Available


Tim - Collie - Male - 2 years Tim is playful and excitable and good with other dogs.  He can be shy in unfamiliar situations and would need for his new owners to continue to build his confidence.  He would love if his new owner loved being outdoors and active as much as him 972274200312934 Ireland

Tim – Available2022-05-26T12:28:18+00:00

Bob – Available


Bob - Terrier Mix - Male - 5 years Bob is with us a little while as he came into use with mange.  He has now recovered and all his hair has nearly grown back and he is ready to find himself a new home.  He is very friendly and good with other dogs and would be a lovely companion 981020000634214 Ireland

Bob – Available2022-05-26T12:23:56+00:00

Bruno – Chosen


Bruno - Male - German Pointer - 3 years Bruno is very lovable and affectionate and gets on well with other dogs.  He would suit an owner who would be familiar with his breed and loves being out exploring the great outdoors as much as Bruno. 9810298106869339 Ireland

Bruno – Chosen2022-05-27T12:51:19+00:00

Tiger – Available


Tiger is a male quiet cat who can be a little unsure at times. He would be looking for a quiet home and would easily love the company of other cats.  He loves his pets and company

Tiger – Available2022-05-05T12:28:33+00:00

Churchie – Available


Churchie is a female cat who is a friendly cat but a little shy.  She loves her pets and quiet time with people and would be a great companion

Churchie – Available2022-04-30T09:08:19+00:00

Smurf – Available


Smurf is a long haired male cat and would need help from his owners to keep his hair detangled and at it's best.  He is a friendly quiet cat who is lazily playful and loves attention.  Smurf would be looking for a quiet home and would love the company of a feline friend

Smurf – Available2022-04-30T09:05:21+00:00

Paula – Available


Paula - Mixed Breed - female - 1 year Paula is a lovely playful girl with a gentle nature. She is a medium sized dog who has a larger than life character and very enthusiastic about everything. 981020002398359 Ireland

Paula – Available2022-05-18T11:41:19+00:00

Max – Available


Max - Beagle - Male - 6 months Max is only a young dog with lots of energy and playfulness.  He is always ready for fun and would need for his training to be continued.  He would suit an active family who love spending time exploring the outdoors 972274001452674 Ireland

Max – Available2022-04-29T11:49:28+00:00