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Lyra – Chosen


Lyra - Female - Terrier/Collie Mix - 1 year Lyra is a lively little girl who is always so happy and very affectionate.  She loves being with you getting lots of cuddles and pets. 981020002398362 Ireland

Lyra – Chosen2022-11-30T10:21:46+00:00

Chrissie – Available


Chrissie - Female - Springer Spaniel - 2 years Chrissie is a happy girl who wants to lick you all over with love.  She is very affectionate and wants to be close to you getting lots of pets. 972274200195314 Ireland

Chrissie – Available2022-11-26T11:26:17+00:00

Polly – Chosen


Polly - Female - Springer Spaniel - 3 years Poly is a shy girl who would be looking for a quiet home with owners that would help build her confidence.  She really wants to everyone's friend and in time she would be your loyal best friend. 981020002398412 Ireland

Polly – Chosen2022-11-27T11:40:09+00:00

Marvin – Available


Marvin - Male - Springer Spaniel - 3 years Marvin is very friendly and affectionate.  He is lively and playful and loves his playtime and fun in the Dog Park. 981020002398329 Ireland  

Marvin – Available2022-11-26T11:25:00+00:00

Ricky – Reserved for appointment


Ricky - Male - Beagle Mix - 4 years Ricky is a quiet gent who is looking for a quiet home, where he can have lots of companionship. He likes to sit beside you or on your knee getting lots of pets. 972274200124923 Ireland

Ricky – Reserved for appointment2022-11-30T14:01:39+00:00

Adele and Alice – Chosen


Adele and Alice are two playful, friendly and affectionate sisters about 2 months old, each looking for a loving home

Adele and Alice – Chosen2022-11-30T10:22:31+00:00

Marmaduke – Available


Marmaduke - Male - 1 year - Whippet Marmaduke is the current Usain Bolt of the Dog Park, he loves his zoomies and easily can run laps around the other dogs.  But soon tires and all he wants is to hang out with you getting pets and cuddles, he is so friendly and affectionate. 972274200324374 Ireland

Marmaduke – Available2022-11-10T17:35:05+00:00

Raffles – Available


Raffles - Male - 3 years - Lurcher Raffles is a recent arrival into us.  He is very friendly and loves his pets and going for walks exploring with you. 981020002398434 Ireland

Raffles – Available2022-11-10T17:29:29+00:00

Milo – Chosen


Milo - Male - 1 year - Jack Russell Mix Milo is a little sweetheart who does struggle with being anxious in unfamiliar situations to him.  He would love a quiet adult only home where he can blossom and grow in confidence.  He could do well in a home with another dog who can help guide him and take him under their wing 972274001423974 Ireland

Milo – Chosen2022-11-15T14:45:18+00:00