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Rex – Available


Rex - Collie - Male - 9 months Rex is young dog who is looking for guidance and a best friend.  He is very clever and eager to learn and just loves his cuddles and pets and being with you. 972274200324324 Ireland

Rex – Available2022-08-12T13:26:49+00:00

Sarah – Reserved for appointment


Sarah - Chihuahua Mix - 1 year - Female Sarah is a lively and energetic dog, loves to explore and investigate what is going on.  She gets on well with other dogs and she loves her playtime with her canine friends in the Dog Park 972274200239728 Ireland

Sarah – Reserved for appointment2022-08-12T13:41:39+00:00

Gus – Available


Gus - Terrier Mix - 2 years - Male Gus is a recent arrival who is timid and gentle and unsure at the the moment.  He would love a quiet home where he can gain in confidence at his own pace.  He would love the company of another dog who will take him under their wing. 981020002398313 Ireland

Gus – Available2022-08-12T12:18:47+00:00

Dax – Available


Dax - Belgian Shepherd Malinois - Male - 3 months Dax is just a bundle of cuteness, playfulness and fun.  He is really friendly and dives straight into things looking to explore and discover everything.  He would be looking for an owner who is experienced with his breed type 972274200312146 Ireland

Dax – Available2022-08-13T11:46:23+00:00

Max – Available


Max - Male - Setter Mix - 4 years Max is easy going and very gentle natured and good with other dogs.  He loves being out exploring on his walks and having fun in the Dog Park. 981020002398297 Ireland

Max – Available2022-08-12T11:57:50+00:00

Charlie – Reserved for appointment


Charlie - JR Mix - Male - 2 years Charlie is such a friendly dog, he will lick you to greet you, loves his pets and cuddles.  He would be a fantastic companion who would be your best friend. 981020000634175 Ireland

Charlie – Reserved for appointment2022-08-13T11:13:01+00:00

Clara – Chosen


Clara - Female - Pomeranian - 8 years Clara is such a happy little girl.  She dances around when she sees you and loves her pets and little walks.  She would love a quiet home where she can be your best friend and gets lots of tlc 981020002398405 Ireland

Clara – Chosen2022-08-10T10:13:21+00:00

Emily – Chosen


Emily - Female - Terrier Mix - 3 years Emily is a very sweet girl.  She loves company and would be a fantastic companion.  If you pet her and then stop she will gently place her front paws on your leg looking for more pets. 981020002398291 Ireland

Emily – Chosen2022-08-06T11:58:12+00:00

Mairead – Chosen


Mairead - Pug Mix - Female - 1 year Mairead is a lively girl, always ready for playtime and fun.  She is really friendly and is super excited to meet people and play with other dogs. 981020002398408 Ireland

Mairead – Chosen2022-08-05T12:15:14+00:00

Adrian – Available


Adrian - Male - 2 years - Lab Mix Adrian is a very affectionate chap who loves to be close to you.  He will stand and sit and lean against your leg looking for more pets.  He is playful and loves having fun in the Dog Park with his canine chums 981020002398416 Ireland

Adrian – Available2022-08-06T11:58:44+00:00