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Ruby – Chosen


Ruby - Female - Labrador - 3 years Ruby is a lovely girl who has probably had life a little bit tough up until now.  She is timid and shy and afraid of sudden movements and will need you to be patient and take your time with her. She needs time to build up trust and feel at ease with you but when she does you can see her personality start to shine. 981020000634201 Ireland

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Bundy – Chosen


Bundy - Female - Labrador - 4 years Bundy is a lovely girl who has probably had life a little bit tough up until now.  She is shy at first, afraid of sudden movements and will need you to be patient and take your time with her. When she knows you she is very friendly, greeting you and giving you kisses and enjoys your company. 981020000634245 Ireland

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Caleb – Chosen


Caleb - Male - Springer Spaniel Mix - 3 years Caleb is a lovely dog, who is a little shy at first when he meets new people. But take a little time to become his friend, he is very friendly and affectionate.  He is playful and loves playing with the ball.  He would be a great companion. 987000010032787 Ireland

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Coby – Available


Coby - Male - Labrador Mix - 1 year Coby is a big strong gent who is very friendly and affectionate. He is a clever dog and very eager to learn and his new owners would need to continue with his training. He loves playing fetch and having a run and play in the Dog Park. 972274200307880 Ireland

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Flexi – Available


Flexi - Male - Labrador Mix - 2 years Flexi is a lively boy who would nearly talk to you.  He is very clever and willing to learn.  He loves to be close to you and is very affectionate.  Flexi had a set back with his health but has fully recovered now and is ready to find his forever home. 987000010033579 Ireland

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Bella – Chosen


Bella - Female - 3 years - Collie Mix Bella is a timid, quiet girl who would be looking for a quiet adult home .  She needs one to one time to allow her personality to shine and to continue to grow in confidence and blossom. 987000010032797 Ireland

Bella – Chosen2023-03-11T11:07:20+00:00

Alfonso – Available


Alfonso - Male - Hound Mix - 3 years Alfonso is a relaxed, lovable, friendly gentle giant.  He loves his cuddles and pets and is very affectionate.  He would soon be your new best frend. 987000010033573 Ireland  

Alfonso – Available2023-03-11T11:09:23+00:00

Floyd – Available


Floyd - Male - Cocker Spaniel - Older Floyd is looking for a quiet and gentle home.  He is so happy in the company of a dog that will be easy going with him.  For the last while Floyd's life has been hard and now he is looking to be cared for and loved. 968000010256688 Ireland

Floyd – Available2023-03-15T11:08:11+00:00

Fraiser – Available


Fraiser - Male - Collie - 3 years Fraiser is a very friendly, active dog.  He looks for your hand to pet him and as soon as you start he then gently puts his paws up on your waist encouraging more, all he wants to be is your friend.  Since Fraiser's arrival with us we have discovered that he is deaf.  He is very clever and eager to learn and always happy.  We are looking for a new owner that perhaps already has experience in owning a deaf dog but someone who would love to learn how to train him.  He [...]

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Brandon – Available


Brandon - Male - Terrier Mix - 1 year Brandon is a very curious little guy that loves to be part of the action.  He is a real little character that would be a great companion out on your walks and relaxing on the sofa with you. 981020002303813 Ireland

Brandon – Available2023-02-12T09:15:55+00:00