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Millie – Chosen


Millie - Female - 10 months - Collie Millie is an active lively girl who loves playtime and fun. She loves running and and playing fetch in the Dog Park and would love a home with an active family 972274200280997 Ireland

Millie – Chosen2022-11-27T12:41:08+00:00

Christmas Fair


We are delighted to invite you to our Christmas Fair on Sunday 4th December at 12pm.  We are excited to have Santa Claus visiting with us on the afternoon.  If you would like to have your dog’s photo taken with Santa Claus, please contact the office at 0404 44783 and we would be delighted to book a time.  We are expecting Santa to be busy so please book in advance.  Also, we will have lots of stalls with the most fantastic crafts and treats to gift yourself and friends and family. We look forward to welcoming you all on Sunday [...]

Christmas Fair2022-11-10T12:36:54+00:00

Stilo – Reserved for appointment


Stilo - Male - Springer Spaniel - 5 years Stilo is a shy fellow who would be looking for a quiet home with owners that would help build his confidence.  In time he would be your loyal best friend and he loves his pets and cuddles. 981020002398296 Ireland

Stilo – Reserved for appointment2022-11-30T10:22:59+00:00

Toby – Available


Toby - Male - Mixed Breed - 1 year Toby is about the size of a Collie.  He is lively and playful and loves fun and playtime.  He would be looking for an owner who would guide and teach him, he is very willing to learn. 981020000634033 Ireland

Toby – Available2022-10-21T11:24:52+00:00

Blossom – Available


Blossom - Female - Labrador Mix - 5 years Blossom is such a sweet natured girl.  As you can see the more you pet her the more you melt her heart and she looks for tummy rubs.  She would be such a great friend in no time at all 981020002398328 Ireland

Blossom – Available2022-11-09T12:01:40+00:00

Kane – Available


Kane - Male - Deerhound - 4 years Kane is such a lovable chap, everyone is greeted with a big waggy tail and a lick.  He would be a fantastic companion and would be your loyal friend. 972274200352019 Ireland

Kane – Available2022-10-19T11:20:25+00:00

Gizmo – Available


Gizmo - Terrier Mix - Male - 5 years Gizmo is a dog that can be a little bit anxious.  He has had a lot of changes happen to him in his life and he would be looking for a new owner to give him the time to settle and feel at home. 972274000279151 Ireland

Gizmo – Available2022-08-26T13:33:05+00:00

Dog Show – Saturday 27th August 2022


We are delighted to invite you to our Dog Show on Saturday the 27th August. A fantastic day out with the canine members of your family with 9 brilliant categories to enter. Registration will take place between 11.30am - 1pm. During this time we invite you to visit the dogs and cats we have looking for homes. We kindly ask that you don't bring your dog into these areas. We cannot facilitate adoptions on the day but if you see a pet you are interested in please do not hesitate in talking with a member of staff and we can arrange [...]

Dog Show – Saturday 27th August 20222022-07-30T14:38:44+00:00

Barney – Chosen


Barney - Male - 4 years - Collie Barney is looking for an adult only home and an owner who ideally has had Collies before.  He is a dog that has had a hard life in the past and is looking for a new owner who has the patience and time to allow Barney to settle and enjoy life. 972274200277810 Ireland

Barney – Chosen2022-11-27T11:40:33+00:00