Adopted Cats

Cats that have been adopted



Rufus- Persian cat - 1 year- Male   Rufus was in a state of neglect when he arrived and had to be sedated to have his coat fully removed in a veterinary clinic. He is totally unsure of himself and in shock but at least pain free. All Rufus looks for is security and he will rest his head somewhere where he feel safe. Lovely gentle cat




Pluto is a two year old male. He is a little shy at first but once he is used to his surrounding he settles right in. He is a nice quiet little boy and would be a lovely companion.  




  Susie - 9 years - Female   Susie is an older cat who is set in her ways. She loves human attention and getting rubs and cuddles. An older girls who loves to take comfort in enclosed spaces or on the lap of those paying attention to her. She would be best suited to a home where she will receive all the attention she deserves




  Fidel - 2 years - Male   Fidel is a cat that loves attention and getting rewards! He will either be seeking rubs or asleep in his bed. He loves finding new toys to play with especially if the toy includes human interaction




  Scooby - 1 year - Male Scooby is one cat who loves investigating the outdoors. He spends his time either in his bed or finding new smells outside. He loves his independence but enjoys the company of other cats.




  Shaggy - 1 year - Female Shaggy is a nervous younger cat who needs someone has a bit of time to bring out the love that she longs to give. She is a lovely looking cat and loves getting her photo taken.


Chicago – 6 months – Female


    Chicago is a lovely older kitten who loves attention! She loves sitting on your lap, getting rubs and cuddles as well as enjoying playing with toys and having fun.

Chicago – 6 months – Female2019-02-15T14:27:20+00:00

Velma & Daphne – 1 year – Female


Velma and Daphne are two sisters that get along fabulously. they love the company of each other and other cats that they come in contact with. They have recently been neutered and are now looking for their forever homes

Velma & Daphne – 1 year – Female2019-03-08T16:08:21+00:00

Jacinta – 1 year – Female


Jacinta loves cuddling up with the other cats and is a lovely young female. She is a bit nervous but nothing a bit of TLC won't fix.              

Jacinta – 1 year – Female2019-03-08T16:08:30+00:00

Bagheera – 2 years – Male


Bagheera is a lovely bigger friendly cat who loves his rubs. He enjoys playing with toys. He's lived with a dog previously so gets on well with them and other cats.

Bagheera – 2 years – Male2019-02-07T11:02:53+00:00