Some of our residents need a bit of extra TLC and a foster home would be much better for their journey towards their forever home. We are always looking for volunteers to help us with fostering animals that underwent surgery or are a bit more shy than others.



When the time arrives that one of our pets would benefit from being in a foster home to help their recovery we will look at our database and contact our foster volunteers. We will match your experience and home type with our knowledge of our animals when placing a pet in short term foster care to make sure it benefits everyone.


Young orphaned puppies or kittens may require hand feeding throughout the night for the first few weeks of their lives, pets recovering from major surgery require a quiet environment and a carer to administer any follow up veterinary treatment and animals brought after being neglected or abused may require additional time to start trusting people again and recover in a loving home environment.



Once the pet is ready to return to the shelter, we will take it back and look for a loving home for it.


If you are interested in fostering from time to time some of our most in needs pets, give us a call or send us a message to register your interest to become an animal foster carer. We will provide guidance on the pets requirement and backup at all times so you are never alone should you encounter any problems.


Please contact us at or 0404-44783 for more details and to be added to our Foster Carer contact list.