We try to rehome all the animals in the shelter as soon as possible as we know that they would be much happier with their own family who can offer more time and love than we can. Even if the WSPCA team and volunteers are doing their best to make all the animals happy, they can only spend a limited amount of time with each of them as there is a lot of work to be done in the shelter on a day to day basis.

If you would love to help but you can’t take a pet home, you can choose to sponsor an animal until it gets adopted. Come to our shelter and choose the one you would like to sponsor or have a look on our Adoption page.

You are more than welcome to visit your protegee, bring them treats and spend time with them as well as help us find them a new home. Once they are adopted, we will send you the good news!

For only 21 euro per month, you will make a difference in their life! Please send us a message on info@wicklowspca.org to let us know which of our residents you would like to sponsor and we will send you on the payment details.

(For donations bigger than 250 euro per year, we will also be entitled to claim a tax relief so you will be helping them even more!)